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ENTROPYEmerging Network to Reduce Orwellian Potency Yield (backronym: anonymous data store)
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Entropy generation in Marangoni convection flow of heated fluid in an open ended cavity, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 54: 4473-4484.
The entropy rate generalises the notion of entropy for sequences of dependent random variables.
Thomann said, 'The RAL Quality Association PCM is most pleased to welcome Entropy Solutions as its latest member.
For a smooth solution, (5) becomes an equality and is called entropy equation.
From the literature, the first cross entropy, that is, cross-approximate entropy (C-ApEn), was proposed by Pincus and Singer [23].
Formula (4) defines the information entropy of the measurement value.
A low Causality Degree is incurring Processes with highly ordered or low Entropy, implemented Objectives.
Comment: Israeli proxy advisor Entropy backs ISS deal, urges rejection of Raging Capital measures
Therefore, for few targets with less skill to overcome the drawbacks of subjective empowerment, the combine factor analysis and entropy methods, which have some science to a certain extent, were used (Zhou & Sun, 2013).
1 Information Entropy and the Uncertainty of RFID Data Streams
By analyzing fMRI images in every region of the brains in 892 American men and women, the study authors linked greater entropy to more versatile processing of information.
So, if we are going to be sure of keeping our data secure wherever our applications run, we need to create a source of entropy or randomness that will span our entire application environment and stand the test of time, even withstand the arrival quantum computers.