ENTSO-EEuropean Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (EU)
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Yet ENTSO-E Secretary-General Konstantin Staschus was quoted in a Reuters article on Thursday as saying the connection with Europe helped Turkey recover faster than it would have otherwise, and that excluding Turkey from the system is out of the question.
The ENTSO-E database for 2010-2012 was used to calculate monthly PGW emission factors using PSEF-B, as shown in Figure 1.
The consortium is led by the French grid operator RTE and comprises: SINTEF, Norway; AMPRION, Germany; TECHNOFI, France; REN, Portugal; ELIA Group, Belgium/Germany; RSE, Italy; dena, Germany; ENTSO-E, Belgium; CEPS, Czech Republic; SWISSGRID, Switzerland; TERNA, Italy; Brunel University, UK; COMILLAS University, Spain; IST, Portugal; KU Leuven KUL, Belgium; ENSIEL, Italy; TU Berlin, Germany; ECN, Netherlands; IPE, Poland; EURELECTRIC, Belgium; EUROPACABLE, Belgium; EWEA, Belgium; T&D EUROPE, Belgium; POYRY, UK; E3G, Belgium; PSE, Poland; CEP, UK.
According to the Vice President of ENTSO-E, which comprises 41 TSOs from 34 countries, the creation of European level market rules is part of the Third Energy Package and member states have committed themselves to implement the European target model by 2014.
There is a demand for renewable energy in European countries, and Turkey has massive renewable energy sources, which makes this new relationship mutually beneficial to both TEIAS and ENTSO-E.
Daniel Dobbeni, President of ENTSO-E, said "All concerned parties agree about the urgency and importance of grid investments.
Provision of services to upgrade the system to support the management of the power system in accordance with ENTSO-E regulations and other legal requirements including: customization of software systems for the management of the power system in accordance with ENTSO-E standards and regulations and changes in related systems.
Cooperation with iTesla in order to achieve a common use case at the beginning of both of the projects and recommendations to converging operational rules to ENTSO-E at the end of both of the projects.
Others: Sintef (NO), ECN (NL), Technofi (FR), RSE (IT) DENA (DE), ENTSO-E (BE), Brunel (UK), Comillas (ES), IST (PT), Leuven (BE), Ensiel (IT), Tu Berlin (DE), IPE (PL), Eurelectric (BE), Europacable (BE), EWEA (BE), T&D Europe (BE), Poyry (IK), E3G (BE)
ENTSO-E Trancparency Platform, the performance requirements of new EU publication, Spectrum system improvements to be implemented.
He has also noted that the integration of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine into the European energy system is impossible without implementing technical standards to be compliant with the standards of ENTSO-E, and implementation of appropriate modernization of power equipment.
Expansion of competitive market interactions in other sectors: The project will assist KOSTT in achieving ENTSO-E s technical requirements, thereby supporting market integration by enabling KOSTT to manage a liberalised market system.