ENTSO-EEuropean Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (EU)
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The dispute between Serbia and Kosovo has thrown off the sensitive balance that allows the grid to operate, and has in turn started to cause problems with clocks in many of the countries connected to the ENTSO-E grid.
ENTSO-E said it was working on a technical solution that could bring the system back to normal within aa few weeksa, but urged European authorities and national governments to address the political problem at the heart of the issue.
By installing the Voith SmartSet Coupling, the KGE packages can satisfy the ENTSO-E Grid Code standards as confirmed by successful prototype tests.
Yet ENTSO-E Secretary-General Konstantin Staschus was quoted in a Reuters article on Thursday as saying the connection with Europe helped Turkey recover faster than it would have otherwise, and that excluding Turkey from the system is out of the question.
According to the Vice President of ENTSO-E, which comprises 41 TSOs from 34 countries, the creation of European level market rules is part of the Third Energy Package and member states have committed themselves to implement the European target model by 2014.
In its paper on offshore grid development in the North Seas, ENTSO-E concludes that the current approach of radial shore-to-shore connections is soon to reach its limits.
ENTSO-E represents 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 36 countries across Europe, which also includes Turkey's TEA[degrees]AA.
ENTSO-E, which brings together 43 transmission system operators (TSOs) from 34 countries, says upgrading its R&D activities from working group to committee level will ensure more effective implementation of its R&D role, notably laid out in Regulation 714/2009 on cross-border exchanges in electricity.
Feeding into the report are what ENTSO-E sees as the three most relevant 2050 studies after considering 21 such reports.
ENTSO-E adds that capacity allocations may be increased gradually up to the allowable technical limits.
ENTSO-E further predicts electricity consumption growth will accelerate after 2015 with energy demand reaching about 3,700 TWh by 2015.