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Sam and Andy ran and shouted,--dogs barked here and there,--and Mike, Mose, Mandy, Fanny, and all the smaller specimens on the place, both male and female, raced, clapped hands, whooped, and shouted, with outrageous officiousness and untiring zeal.
It was Tommy Drake and Fanny Marsh that furnished the sugar - nice children, the nicest at the post, I think.
That's because Fanny sucked and chewed it in meeting when I wasn't looking.
Hannah is the oldest, I come next, then John, then Jenny, then Mark, then Fanny, then Mira.
My surprise and perplexity were great on discovering, by touch more than vision, Miss Isabella's springer, Fanny, suspended by a handkerchief, and nearly at its last gasp.
Then, in a distant, Missionary way he asked them certain questions - as why little Joe had that hole in his frill: who said, Pa, Flopson was going to mend it when she had time - and how little Fanny came by that whitlow: who said, Pa, Millers was going to poultice it when she didn't forget.
Jane was contemplating herself in the glass when a servant begged her to come and speak to Master Charles and Miss Fanny.
Norris had a spirit of activity, which could not be satisfied till she had written a long and angry letter to Fanny, to point out the folly of her conduct, and threaten her with all its possible ill consequences.
Norris should ever have it in her power to tell them, as she now and then did, in an angry voice, that Fanny had got another child.
Now, don't be cross; and I 'll get mamma to let you have that horrid Ned Miller, that you are so fond of, come and make you a visit after Polly 's gone," said Fanny, hoping to soothe his ruffled feelings.
cried Fanny, with the impatient poke which is peculiarly aggravating to masculine dignity.
I wanted to see you, Fanny dear; and as I am going out all day to- morrow, and knew you might be engaged all day to-day, I thought--'