ENVRÉcole Nationale à Vocation Régionale (French: National Regionally-Based Vocational School; Congo)
ENVREnvironmental Requirements & Related Test Methods
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The ENVR was established within the framework of the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in cooperation with partner countries France, Ireland and Slovakia.
A tripartite informal collaboration was envisaged: France would contribute to the tactical training of African troops at the ENVR of Koulikouro, Britain would participate in the operational training of African troops by supporting the Kofi Annan Centre, and the United States would engage in the strategic training of African troops by sustaining the War College of Abuja.
66) The Koulikouro ENVR in Mali was the primary training ground for the African officers who were likeliest to serve in the staff headquarters of international and joint task forces and usually within the context of peace support operations.