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EOAEnd Of Address
EOAEsophageal Obturator Airway
EOAErosive Osteoarthritis
EOAExclusive Operating Area (emergency medical services)
EOAEgyptian Orthopedic Association
EOAEuropean Online Academy
EOAEssential Oil Association (USA)
EOAEntry of Appearance (courts)
EOAEnd Of Availability
EOAExpression of Appreciation (Quietly Working Foundation for the Children of Fallen Soldiers)
EOAExamination, Opinion, and Advice
EOAEmbassy of Aesthetics
EOAElectrical Operating Area
EOAEngines of Aggression (band)
EOAExcess Ordering Authority (materials management)
EOAEnemy of Allah
EOAExercise Operating Area
EOAElites of Annihilation (gaming clan)
EOAEagle of Air (website)
EOAEpitome of Awesome (online community)
EOAEconomic Opportunities Analysis (Oregon)
EOAEnd of Auction
EOAEast of Adelaide (London, Ontario)
EOAEarly Onset Alzheimer's
EOAEqual Opportunity Advisor
EOAEarly Operational Assessment
EOAEastern Orthopaedic Association
EOAEffective On or About
EOAEmerging Optical Access
EOAEconomics of Aging (various organizations)
EOAEnd of Adolescence (Oxford Medical Publications)
EOAEverquest Online Adventures (game)
EOAEstimate of Alternatives
EOAEthics Officer Association
EOAEffective Orifice Area (cardiology)
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She also added: "Being shortlisted for the EOA Awards is a testament to having achieved something truly spectacular in the realm of outsourcing.
The EOA of 1964--a "hand-up rather than a handout"--and
In addition, the Maternity and Infant Care projects under the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (DHEW) supplemented the EOA effort by funding family planning services through city health departments.
Premature ovarian failure (POF) is the end point of an extreme form of EOA and affects 1% of the general population (14).
Soon after the passage of EOA, Trinity and other interested groups formed the Albany Citizens Against Poverty (ACAP) to spearhead and establish a CAP.
However, EOA is not the only antipoverty measure that stressed the development of dignified work for unemployed and underemployed U.
Commenting on EOA Award, Dmitry Loschinin, President & CEO Luxoft said: "This award is a tribute to Hotwire as a partner and to our people, who made this success possible.
Table 1 Means, Standard Deviations, and Zero-Order Correlations for Model of Leader and Follower Performance Characteristics that Support Role Sharing (a) VAR (b) OT GEN EDU RACE AGE CP EOA EC GEN 0.
Once again, the Pharma team will be in full force, as will our Via Connect colleagues who have spent many months organizing two Outsourcing Roundtables and the EOA, which will be taking place alongside CPhI.
Amman, April 20 (Petra) -ACAo Prime Minister Marouf EOA.
1) In the feet, the first metatarsophalangeal joint may be affected, and there are occasional descriptions of EOA located in the interphalangeal joints of the feet.