EOBRElectronic On-Board Recorder
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10) Similarly, a Congressman testified at a June 22, 2000 Congressional hearing in favor of the proposed EOBR requirement, noting that "hours-of-service rules are widely flouted, with many drivers still referring to their hours-of-service logs as 'comic books'" (Oberstar 2000).
By January 2016 it is likely that all drivers will be required to install EOBRs in their vehicles as a means of monitoring hours of service.
It's important that we offer the appropriate EOBR compliance and fleet management solutions there as well.
According to the company's president, Amber Edmondson, Trailiner evaluated new systems with a focus on service, driver acceptance, ease of installation, integration with Strategy Software (Trailiner's TMS partner), and the ability to address future EOBR needs.
The HD 100 is designed to turn GPS units, tablets and smart phones into compliant EOBR systems.
EOBR technology allows commercial fleets to automatically track the hours drivers spent behind the wheel through hours-of-service (HOS) logs.
Delaney also shared that GDS intends to use the EOBR features of the TND (TM) 760 for Hours of Service logging, and to use the engine diagnostics to assist with safety and maintenance planning.
Mobile is the route the commercial trucking industry is taking, and we are positioning XRS as the go-to provider of EOBR solutions.
Strimbu intends to use the EOBR features of the device for Hours of Service logging, and the engine diagnostics to optimize driver behavior and vehicle performance.
We believe our current system is similar to the expected EOBR proposals.
The one-box, one cable solution - which is a compliant EOBR with mobile communication and optional award-winning truck navigation - is available today for as little as $549.
6 Electronic Hours-of-Service Solutions Helps Fleets Prepare for the Impending EOBR Mandate