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EOCPEqual Opportunities Childcare Programme (Ireland)
EOCPEnvironmental Operators Certification Program (est. 1966; Canada)
EOCPEqual Opportunity Contracting Program (San Diego, CA)
EOCPEngine Out of Commission for Parts
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In November 2006, however, the TC had ruled that the EOCP was not abortive and asked the Ministerio de Salud to distribute the pill without cost.
The NGO Accion de Lucha Anticorrupcion sin Componenda (a conservative Catholic umbrella group) had filed a motion in 2004 against the Ministerio de Salud to block EOCP distribution.
The TC ignored the opinion of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CMP that the EOCP is a safe and reliable contraceptive and was instead guided by the opinion of the Alianza Latinoamericana para la Familia, the Population Research Institute, the Coordinadora Nacional por la Vida y la Familia, and the Asociacion Nacional de Medicos Catolicos who hold that the EOCP can be abortive.