EOOEvidence of Origin
EOOExtent of Occurrence (ecology)
EOOEqual Opportunity Officer
EOOEducation and Outreach Officer
EOOEthernet over Oth
EOOEven Or Odd
EOOEvery Other Odd (mathematics)
EOOEmergency Operations Officer
EOOEvery Other Other
EOOEAB Order Office
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Again, the largest difference was between ESO and EOO mice.
Overall, the most striking differences in AHR were between the responsive ESO mice and the relatively nonresponsive EOO mice.
The EOO and AOO mice were OVA-tolerant with regard to cytokines, IgE, and airway inflammatory markers, especially when compared with ESO and ASO mice.
Pair-wise comparisons of group means at 15 weeks (Table 2) revealed significant differences for some responses of EOO compared with AOO mice (e.
The Wilcoxon test on paired sign data confirmed that responses in EOO mice were uniformly lower (p = 0.
At 15 weeks of age, ESO mice had enhanced initial responses to OVA sensitization and challenge, whereas EOO mice had dampened responses upon reexposure to OVA.
In fact, the dampened responses of adult EOO mice suggest increased resistance to sensitization and challenge.
Cesar, despues de haberse quedado sin materias primas varias veces, concluyo que el famoso modelo EOO carecia de medios para saber que Mery necesitaria ciertas combinaciones de colores en telas e hilos en particular, y para ciertos lotes especiales de bolsillos.
Entonces finalmente decidi usar los valores EOO como puntos iniciales, pero no los volvi a interpretar como VALORES INFALIBLES?
i) extent of occurrence: by comparing a taxon's historic EOO (of all specimens collected and mapped) to a taxon's recent EOO (of collections from 1950 to the present only).
In the Puerto Rico case, there was as much as 85% congruence between the algorithm results, the IUCN Red List ratings and those using a preliminary conservation assessment method based on EOO developed by the New York Botanical Garden (Miller et al.
Our Red List based method uses IUCN Red List Criterion B (Geographic range EOO or Criterion D2 (Restricted number of locations) to carry out the assessment and its use of EOO and declines in this or the quality of habitat are totally independent of and distinct from the criteria used in the algorithm method.