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EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
EOREnd of Record
EOREngineer of Record
EOREarth Orbit Rendezvous
EOREnd of Run (US Postal Service)
EOREnd of Range
EOREnd of Rant (e-mail, newsgroups, etc.)
EOREnd of Run (Oil Refining)
EOREast of the River
EOREnd of Runway
EOREqual Opportunity Representative (US Army)
EORExplanation Of Review
EOREnte Operador Regional (Spanish: Regional Operator Entity)
EORExplosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
EOREmployer of Record
EORÉlève-Officier de Réserve (French: Cadet Reserve Officer)
EORElement Of Resource
EOREpping-Ongar Railway (UK)
EORExclusive Or Gate
EOREvidence of Receipt
EOREnd of Retransmission
EOREngage on Remote
EOREmmons & Olivier Resources, Inc (Oakdale, MN)
EOREnd of Ramp
EORExplanation of Reimbursement (medical insurance)
EORExplosive Ordnance Recognition
EOREnterprise of Responsibility
EOREnterprise Organizational Readiness
EOREngage Order Remote
EOREffective Operational Radius
EOREnd of the Road/Route
EOREquipment Operational Readiness
EOREquipment Operationally Ready
EOREastern Ontario Regiment (Canada)
EOREngineering Order Request
EOREmergency Operating Room (various locations)
EOREye of Round (meat)
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PDO's first EOR projects were near Nimr, around Harweel, in Qarn Alam, at Marmul, and at Fahud.
The researchers mentioned the median EOR to be 93% (IQR 78-99).
ADNOC was the first National Oil Company to pilot CO2 injection in EOR in 2009.
Adnoc has been leveraging EOR related techniques since 1996.
So the EOR teams are looking at brown fields that have gone through one or two cycles of development previously.
While the sector is facing a challenge, increasing focus on innovative EOR techniques and applications alongside developing robust policies and groundbreaking solutions is needed to remain a competitive force.
By deploying GlassPoint's innovative solar steam generators, oilfield operators can reduce EOR gas consumption by up to 80 per cent and valuable natural gas supplies can be released for use in power generation, desalination or industrial development, diversifying Oman's growing economy.
EOR is one of the most attractive methods for carbon sequestration as the geographical characteristics and behavior of reservoirs are well understood by oil and gas producing and service companies.
Speaking about the project, Raoul Restucci, managing director, PDO said, "The world's largest solar EOR project will deliver 1021MW (1GW) of peak thermal energy.
Rod MacGregor, President & CEO of GlassPoint, says: "Looking beyond the benefits of the cash infusion, what makes this round special is the support from the government of Oman through SGRF and from Shell, a leader in the EOR field.
Abu Dhabi: Senior officials of Abu Dhabi's leading offshore company, Adma-Opco, recently visited BP laboratories in the UK and signed an agreement to develop a new technology for enhanced oil recovery, or EOR.