EORDEnd Of Ray Day
EORDEngine Oil Relative Dielectricity
EORDEmergency Override Duplicate
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The EORD analysis of advertising bans was concerned mainly with overall levels of tobacco consumption because suitable data referring to short-term fluctuations in under-age smoking are not available, although the report did mention that there are incomplete figures indicating that the ban in Norway was followed by a decrease in under-age smoking.
The aim of the research project is to ensure the necessary basic service support for application traffic EORD (Electronic circulation of controlled documentation) AOES (Agenda expressing the firm for announced structures in areas of interest ANS) and contracts (markup and approval circulation to closed by a commercial contracts) used internally to support administrative and operational agendas enterprise.
The aim of the research project is the implementation of the extension of the functionality of the existing system EORD of additional functionality (that version 1.