EOSSEnd of Season Sale (retail)
EOSSEdmonton Obesity Staging System (clinical assessment)
EOSSElectro-Optical Sensor System (US Navy)
EOSSExpeditionary Operations Support Squadron (US Air Force)
EOSSEngineering Operational Sequencing System
EOSSEnd Of Shift Summary
EOSSEnd of Software Support
EOSSEdge of Space Sciences, Inc (Denver, Colorado)
EOSSElectro-Optical Simulation System
EOSSEnterprise Open Source Solutions (software series)
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The aim of this study is to obtain evidence of the reliability and validity of the EOSS questionnaire (an extended version drawn up by the original authors with 37 items), comparing clinical and non-clinical Spanish populations.
At the other end of the obesity risk spectrum, EOSS scoring may improve identification of metabolically healthy individuals.
The EOSS has been administered to a sample of students and patients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and results indicated that the BPD patients have a strong degree of public control over their experience of self.
However, to print curves with that you have to select a scale that includes all the marks, and so if the deviation is fairly wide (as with the EOSS system), the overall resolution makes the curve look better than it is.
EOSS items specifically ask respondents about their feelings, needs, attitudes, opinions and actions, and the degree to which these experiences are influenced by casual social relations versus intimate relations and if they occur in company versus when alone.
The upgrade includes a Rheinmetall Defence Electronics EOSS day/night observation system (mounted on a telescopic mast), the same company's FaKoM command, internal communications and tactical data display system, a Litef-supplied LLN-GY navigation system; and a VHF/HF communications suite, similar to that used on the German Army's new Fennek reconnaissance vehicles.
Here we have the four-piece, EOSS Musiko "Soundpoles" satellite + woofer package ($4,800) that I recently reviewed for the magazine (Issue 93).
One of the main reasons for the USAF's selection of the Sniper XR pod, according to Fischoff, is its commonality with the EOSS being incorporated into Lockheed Martin's 1SF design.
We are extremely pleased to be selected as part of the EOSS II support team," stated Terry Lin, CEO, speaking from PSI's Falls Church, Virginia offices.
ANTUNA--407 EOSS, 407 AEG, 380 AEW, Al Dhafra AB, U.
just talk to EOSS and have Chris Field drop by with Ed.
Normally reliable sources suggest that EOSS was one of the most important enhancements" fielded by the RN during the war and that it performed "exceedingly well.