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EOTEnd Of Transmission
EOTEnd of Text
EOTExecutive Office of Transportation (Massachusetts)
EOTEducation, Outreach, and Training
EOTEnd Of Tape
EOTEquivalent Oxide Thickness
EOTExtension of Time (contracts)
EOTEnd of Terrace (UK real estate)
EOTEnd of Treatment
EOTEnd of Thread
EOTEmbedded Open Type
EOTEquation of Time (watch website)
EOTEnd Of Transaction
EOTEnd Of Table
EOTEnd of Term
EOTEnd of Track
EOTEngine Oil Temperature
EOTEnd of Test
EOTEffective Oxide Thickness
EOTEnd of Turn (gaming)
EOTEnd of Train Device
EOTEmergency Operations Team
EOTEnd Of Tour
EOTEllinikos Organismos Tourismou
EOTExtraordinary Optical Transmission
EOTEnd of Travel (switch/actuator/sensor)
EOTElectric Overhead Traveling (Crane)
EOTEnd of Task
EOTEnd of Training
EOTElectrical Oxide Thickness
EOTEqual Opportunity & Treatment
EOTEssential Oil Therapist
EOTEvery Other Tuesday (band)
EOTEnd of TSDU mark (ITU-T)
EOTEnd Office Toll (LSSGR)
EOTEnd of Tubing
EOTEnd of Talk
EOTElement on Time
EOTEthernet/Optical Transceiver
EOTEmployment and Operational Training
EOTÉchelon Opérationnel des Transports (French: Transport Operational Level)
EOTEyes on Target (gaming)
EOTExperience over Time
EOTEngineering & Operations Training
EOTEarth-Observed Time
EOTEstablish, Operate, and Transfer
EOTEnd Office Trunks
EOTExpress Offshore Transport Pte Ltd
EOTEvidence of Trauma
EOTElectro-Optical Technology
EOTExplosive Ordnance Team
EOTElectrically-Operated Overhead Travelling Crane (construction industry)
EOTElectricians of Texas (Austin, TX)
EOTExclusive of Tax
EOTEnvoys of Time
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Ideal for aviation, natural resources and manufacturing industries, our EOT crane is available in top running and under running, single and double girder configurations," said David Tian, CEO of DGCRANE.
EOT created a fiber-fed Wi-Fi umbrella over the entire property, including the rodeo arena, to provide free Internet access to attendees.
There was a significant difference (indicated with *) between the exercise and nonexercise groups in change in UPSIT scores from baseline to EOT and EOT+4, respectively.
Any claims that are not affirmatively identified as specifically reserved in the EOT request are deemed waived.
The ARD for the EOT would need to be set on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday to meet the requirements or else default will be charged.
The range of double girder EOT cranes can be availed in load capacities up to 30T and with spans up to 31 m.
EOT of 1nm would result from the use a 10 nm thick dielectric featuring k=39 (k of SiO2 is 3.
The Embedded OpenType format, which enables designers to specify EOT fonts for use on defined Web pages, was developed by Microsoft and made available as part of the Internet Explorer([R]) browser.
Tenders are invited for Repair and Overhauling of 30/5 Ton capacity EOT crane of CW Pump House of Units # 4, 5 & 6 and 5 Ton capacity EOT crane of Additional Clarifier.
The overall rate of favorable response at EOT was 50 percent in the standard dosing group versus 46 percent in the high loading-dose group.