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EOTDEnhanced Observed Time Difference
EOTDEnd of the Day
EOTDEnd of Train Device
EOTDEarly-Onset Torsion Dystonia
EOTDEyes of the Dragon (Stephen King novel)
EOTDEye of the Day (makeup)
EOTDEvolution of the Daleks (Doctor Who Episode)
EOTDElectronic Open Technical Dictionary
EOTDEducator of the Day (blog)
EOTDEmployee of the Day
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1mm and supports GSM/GPRS Class B, Multi-slot Class 12 operation, AMR, SIM Toolkit, a full feature phone interface and is EOTD capable for location service support.
In a letter dated August 1, 2002 signed by Rick Maison, the Deputy Director of the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) in Battle Creek, Michigan and John Svendsen, the Chairman of the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) in Oslo Norway, the two parties agree to work together to ensure that the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionaries (eOTDs) are developed as free open standards and to ensure that the eOTDs include effective logical mapping to the NATO Classification System (NCS).
Deborah Roobol the DLIS E-Business manager said: "The eOTDs will make it easier for us to obtain and maintain the information we collect for the Department of Defense (DoD) EMALL.