EOTTEye of the Tiger
EOTTEnd of Toll Trunking
EOTTEnron Oil Trading & Transportation
EOTTEnd of Train Telemetry (communications device)
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Residents of Midland, Texas, filed suit against EOTT in 2001, claiming that their well water was contaminated by oil from a pipeline leak.
has announced that EOTT Energy Partners, LP has licensed to install Right Angle, an integrated front office to back office trade management solution in the liquid hydrocarbons industry.
EOTT Energy LLC (NASDAQ OTC:EOTT) announced that, effective October 1, 2003, EOTT Energy LLC will become Link Energy LLC.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTC:EOTT) announced that it is reducing its petrochemical manufacturing operations effective Oct.
47,019 47,019 64 60 EOTT Pipeline Limited Partnership 42,343 42,343 55 61 Cenex Pipeline Co.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTC:EOTTV) announced that the Honorable Billy John Edwards presiding over the 238th District Court of Midland County, Texas, rendered final judgment on August 29th in the case of EOTT Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership v.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTCBB:EOTTV) announced that the Honorable Janis Graham Jack presiding over the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division, denied an appeal from Shell Oil Company and certain of its affiliates, thereby upholding EOTT Energy's restructuring plan that had been confirmed in federal bankruptcy court on February 18, 2003.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTC:EOTTV) announced that a 12-person jury in Midland, Texas, found Texas New Mexico Pipe Line Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Pipeline Company, was grossly negligent and committed willful misconduct related to an oil contamination spill near the Kniffen Estates subdivision in Midland in 1992.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTC:EOTTV) is pleased to announce the addition of James R.
A conference call to discuss this transaction and the business outlook, along with other recently announced expansion plans, including the EOTT Energy, L.
EOTT Energy LLC (OTCBB:EOTTV) announced today that EOTT Energy Operating Limited Partnership has signed a definitive purchase and sale agreement to sell its West Coast Natural Gas Liquids ("NGL") processing, transportation and marketing assets to Inergy Propane, LLC for $10.