EOUSAExecutive Office United States Attorney
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Battle, then director of the EOUSA (Johnston and Lipton 2007b).
To varying degrees, EOUSA has partially defined and implemented certain IT management disciplines that are critical to successfully achieving the Justice Department's strategic goal of improving the integrity, security, and efficiency of its IT systems.
The FBI historically classified more convictions than EOUSA as terrorism-related because it used a different classification system and included convictions obtained in international, federal, and state courts.
The EOUSA provides IT support for over 15,000 end-users in over 200 locations across the United States, and makes broad use of secure computer technology to carry out its mission.
Attorneys' (EOUSA) Financial Litigation Investigator Program (FLIP) - Under this award, Unisys will support individual EOUSA organizations and their Financial Litigation Units with investigative services to ensure the collection of government-owned debts, litigation costs and fines, as well as the resolution of restitution orders.
The EOUSA facilitates coordination between the Offices of the United States Attorneys and other organizational units of the Department of Justice.
In addition to its Level 5 facilities, EOUSA is the 44th individual client outsourcing engagement to have been independently assessed at Level 3 or Level 4, an accomplishment unparalleled in the industry.
The EOUSA needed a product that could manage extremely large document collections.
The EOUSA provides the United States Attorneys with general executive assistance and direction, policy development, administrative management direction and oversight, operational support, and coordination with other components of the Department and other federal agencies.
HSRA end-users who require secure VPN access will be online in less than 24 hours enabling EOUSA to leverage all Internet access media, including Wi-Fi, dial-up, DSL, cable modem, and dedicated circuits.