EOVEnd Of Volume
EOVEnd of Video
EOVElectronic Offline Voucher (merchant system)
EOVEmergency Operations Vehicle
EOVEstimate of Value (real estate)
EOVEnd of Vector
EOVElectrically Operated Valve
EOVEconomic Order Van
EOVEmployee-Owned Vehicle
EOVEnxebre Orde da Vieira (Madrid, Spain)
EOVEnd of Vacation
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Las variables clinicas, de tratamiento y las variables incluidas en la EOV fueron extraidas de los historiales clinicos y de los diarios de sesion de cada paciente, una vez finalizada su relacion terapeutica con la unidad del MPCS.
Para completar el analisis correlacional, se compararon las puntuaciones de OV de la muestra en funcion del resultado de tratamiento (alta o abandono) y se generaron dos grupos de sujetos con puntuaciones totales extremas en la EOV.
Oil and gas company Bowleven plc (AIM:BLVN) has completed the sale of its entire equity interest in the EOV Permit offshore Gabon for total net proceeds of USD38.
Perenco SA paid USD35m in cash plus a working capital adjustment to acquire GGPC Gabon (EOV) Limited, Bowleven's wholly-owned subsidiary whose sole asset is a 100% interest in the EOV Permit.
Bowleven has reached an agreement in principle with a third party for the sale of the group company which holds the EOV Permit.
The goal of the EOV is to show educators different aspects of the Navy," said Navy region west recruiting support coordinator Ship's Serviceman 1st Class Moises Hernandez.
The EOV is a week-long schedule of events that enables educators to gain an inside perspective at what the Navy has to offer.
The mostly imaginary characters writing to Ortwin in the EOV all have ridiculous German-sounding names like Lyra Buntschuchmacherius and Eitelnarrabianus von Pesseneck.
Most of liberal intellectual Europe roared with laughter over the EOV (although Erasmus and some German humanists strongly disapproved of them; cf.
This was the EOV debut, and right away, it has been recognized.
She left home in a green Rover car, registration number L165 EOV