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EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency (US; Denmark)
EPAEconomic Partnership Agreement
EPAEnvironmental Protection Act (UK)
EPAEnvironment Protection Authority
EPAEnergy Policy Act of 2005
EPAEast Palo Alto (California)
EPAEqual Pay Act
EPAEnvironmental Protection Administration (Taiwan)
EPAEicosapentaenoic Acid (essential fatty acid)
EPAEuropean Pressphoto Agency
EPAEncuesta de Población Activa (Spain)
EPAEnduring Power of Attorney
EPAEuropäisches Patentamt (European Patent Office)
EPAEuronext Paris
EPAEconomic Price Adjustment
EPAEnd Point Adjustment (radio control transmitter)
EPAEnglish Pool Association
EPAÉtablissement Public d'Aménagement (French: Public Planning Establishment)
EPAÉtablissement Public à Caractère Administratif (French: Public Institution of an Administrative Nature; corporate structure)
EPAEffective Project Approval (Canada)
EPAÉcole du Patrimoine Africain (French: School of African Heritage)
EPAEffective Projected Area
EPAEconomic Planning Agency (Japan)
EPAEstudiantes por la Autonomía (Spanish: Students for Autonomy)
EPAEastern Psychological Association (Piscataway, NJ)
EPAEuropean Parents Association
EPAEuropean Patent Attorney
EPAElectrostatic Protected Area
EPAEuropean Parking Association
EPAEuropean Photochemistry Association
EPAEthiopian Privatization Agency
EPAEducational Paperback Association
EPAEconomics and Public Affairs
EPAEnhanced Performance Architecture
EPAEinmannpackung (German army one-person food ration)
EPAEducational Programs Abroad
EPAEastern Planning Area
EPAExtension Planning Area
EPAEuropean Productivity Agency
EPAEducational Partnership Agreement
EPAEcole des Pupilles de l'Air (French)
EPAEvasion Plan of Action (combat search and rescue)
EPAElectron Positron Accumulator
EPAEmail Protection Agency (EarthLink)
EPAEthyl Phosphonic Acid
EPAEquilibrium Point Analysis
EPAEmergency Preparedness Analysis
EPAExtended Planning Annex
EPAEnhetsprisaktiebolaget (former Swedish department store)
EPAEquity Principal Audition
EPAEuropean Part Approval (aviation safety)
EPAEnergetic Particle Analyzer
EPAEuropäische Presse Agentur (European news agency)
EPAElectronic Purchasing Agreement
EPAElites Per Acre (gaming)
EPAExcellent Paper Award
EPAEnvironmental Prediction Assessment
EPAError-Prone Abbreviation
EPAEnd Point Analyzer
EPAError Performance Analysis
EPAExoatmospheric Penetration Aid
EPAEmergency Program Action
EPAExtended Planning Agency
EPAEstimated Position Arc
EPAEnosi Polyteknon Athinon (Athens Union of People Who Have Many Children)
EPAEmergency Power Addition
EPAEinheits Preis AG
EPAEnlisted Program Authorization (US DoD)
EPAEthernet for Plant Automation
EPAEnergy Poverty Action (joint initiative)
EPAEducation Program Assistant
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The EPA has concluded that such recordkeeping is more important than using a sticker that will ultimately be shredded along with the appliance.
Barbara Boxer, who has vowed to make global warming a top priority when she takes control of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee next year, said she is preparing for the worst-case scenario, in which the court decides the EPA has no authority to regulate.
For some communities, says Browner, a particular EPA library may be the "only point of access" to certain records about local environmental hazards.
The proposed rule does not require EPA be notified prior to beginning all renovation jobs, but requests comment about whether or not they should.
The EPA '05 includes a number of provisions on hybrid and electric cars.
as a wood preservative, the EPA recently released a preliminary risk assessment for penta that supports the chemical's registration eligibility.
In 1997, the EPA had promulgated the first national air-quality standard for fine particle pollution, along with tough new ozone standards.
Aware of this argument, the EPA considered introducing legislation that would have explicitly expanded its authority under the Clean Air Act.
Session 4 on Civil Engineering Applications will be moderated by Bob Large, Ohio EPA.
In December, EPA issued a similar civil administrative complaint against biocide additive supplier Microban Products Co.
What ensued might come as a surprise to today's "bureaucrat busters": The EPA did not comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act.