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EPAMElectroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle (robotics)
EPAMElementary Perceiver And Memorizer (learning system)
EPAMElectron Proton Alpha Monitor
EPAMElectronic Pilot Activity and Alertness Monitor (aviation)
EPAMEvery Person A Missionary
EPAMEscuela Profesional de Automovilismo Melgar (Guatemala)
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EPAM has been on the Forbes list of the worlds 25 most rapidly growing IT companies for the past four years, and is one of the most important software development companies in global comparison, the politician told the press.
Digital banking solutions provider Fidor has signed a partnership agreement with software engineering solutions provider EPAM Systems , Inc.
A horizontes mayores, el ajuste de los modelos ARMA y bridge medido por la RECM y el EPAM se deteriora considerablemente.
Nimbula, the cloud operating system company, announced that global software engineering and IT consulting provider EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM) has implemented Nimbula director cloud computing software for building and managing private, hybrid and public clouds.
Software company EPAM has agreed to pay $17mn for Thoughtcorp, a Canadian IT consultancy and software provider (23 May).
According to the reports, he said the EPAM will be produced from Sona Koyo's plant in the national capital region.
While EPAM was initially targeted for applications such as valves, pumps and sensors, AMI sees opportunities in the growing touch screen market, such as smartphones, gaming controllers and touch pads.
The banking company said that it has selected EPAM Systems to build and operate what is believed to be Ukraine's most advanced and secure IT facility.
In this first application of EPAM to wave-power generation, we are able to demonstrate the feasibility of a new, low-cost, and highly efficient technology that can harvest electricity directly from ocean waves," said Philip von Guggenberg, director, Business Development, SRI International.
Avances y Ajustes de la de la Politica de Equidad y participacion para la mujer, EPAM.
Applied Chemistry and Environment Research Unit, EPAM Sousse 4000, Tunisia