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EPAPExpiratory Positive Airway Pressure
EPAPEuropean Press Academic Publishing
EPAPEgyptian Pollution Abatement Project (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency)
EPAPEmployee Performance Appraisal Plan
EPAPEnhanced Production Audit Program (Canada)
EPAPElectronic Patent Application Processing
EPAPEthics Policy Archive Project
EPAPEuropean Public Advisory Partners
EPAPEnvironmental Policy and Planning (California)
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EPAP (PEEP, CPAP) ise fonksiyonel reziduel kapasiteyi ve oksijenizasyonu artirir, ust solunum (hava) yolu direncini azaltir, fonksiyonel reziduel kapasiteyi arttirir, kollabe ve ventile olmayan alveolleri acar, oksijenasyonu arttirir.
EPAP is a win-win for family members and posts," FLO EPAP Coordinator Lycia Coble Sibilla said.
A bi-level CPAP system delivers two different positive pressure levels--an inspiratory positive airway pressure, or IPAP, and an expiratory positive airway pressure, or EPAP The difference between these two pressure levels is commonly referred to as the pressure support.
By Bernadette Williams, EPAP Disaster Preparedness management coordinator, U.