EPAUEarly Pregnancy Assessment Unit (UK)
EPAUEvaluation and Policy Analysis Unit (UN High Commissioner for Refugees)
EPAUEmergency Psychiatric Assessment Unit (Canada)
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UNHCR's unwillingness to endorse and formalize the guiding principles and good practices set out in the 2003 EPAU paper was the result of several factors.
Indeed, EPAU itself came under considerable criticism for its negative assessment of UNHCR's urban refugee programs, in addition to the fact that from 1999 onwards, all of the organization's evaluation reports were placed in the public domain and protected from editorial interference by senior management.
Specifically, when the head of EPAU was seconded from UNHCR to another agency in 2004, the person chosen to replace him was the main author of the 1997 urban refugee policy.
The resulting paper drew extensively from the Guiding Principles and Good Practice paper prepared by EPAU in 2003 and was issued as UNHCR's new policy in September 2009, two months ahead of the High Commissioner's Dialogue.
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