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EPFElite Penguin Force (video gaming)
EPFEmployees Provident Fund (Malaysia)
EPFEclipse Process Framework (Java open source framework)
EPFÉtablissement Public Foncier (French: Public Institution Land)
EPFEmployment Policy Foundation
EPFEstablished Programs Financing (Canada)
EPFÉcole Polytechnique Féminine (French: Polytechnical School for Women)
EPFEducational Publishing Foundation
EPFEuropean Patients' Forum
EPFEuropean Panel Federation
EPFEmployee Performance File
EPFEstates Project Force (Church of Scientology)
EPFEuropean Powerlifting Federation
EPFEritrean Public Forum (Eritrea)
EPFEnsuring Positive Futures (UK)
EPFEuropean Psycho-Analytical Federation
EPFEcole Polytechnique Federal (Federal Polytechnical School, Switzerland)
EPFEuropäische Psychoanalytische Föderation (European Psycho-Analytical Federation)
EPFEarth Preservation Fund
EPFEnvironmental Planning Function
EPFEngineering, Procurement and Fabrication
EPFEmergency Plant Facilities
EPFEnvironmental Protection Fee (Texas)
EPFError Propagation Factor
EPFExploitation Product Data File
EPFEpidemiological Flight
EPFElings Park Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA)
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The EPF expects to have an equal share of Sharia compliant funds and assets in the conventional funds in a few years.
The UAN is a 12-digit 'portable' number allotted to each member which gives them control of their EPF account and minimises the role of employer in matters related to a member's account.
By virtue of EPF being the common major shareholder in all three (3) affected companies (i.
Veschi adds that the new system is not only great for law enforcement officials, but that the implementation of the EPF Module represents a huge step forward over the company's competition.
But the terms were tough and Weatherford had to absorb significant losses on the Gharraf EPF project, which is now more than a year behind schedule.
This isn't the first EPF that researchers have found in the bones of early humans from the late Pleistocene.
UCU had asked EPF to join it for talks through the arbitration service, ACAS, to try and resolve the dispute over changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) pension fund.
The EPF output would reach 120,000 bpd by the year-end, said the KOC
If the engineering check indicates that there are weaknesses in the process, then EPLAN Software & Service offers corresponding check - up days - tailored to the EPF concept.
In the present study, we evaluated the in situ expression of the proinflammatory cytokines interleukin 1 (IL-1), interferon [gamma] (IFN-[gamma]), and TNF-[alpha], the proapoptotic inducers Fas and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), and the apoptosis inhibitor Bcl-2, as well as the presence of apoptosis in skin biopsies from patients with EPF.
Daha sonra benzer pustuler lezyonlann agirlikli olarak sacli deride yerlesim g6sterdigi cocukluk cagi EPF olgulan bildirilmistir (2).
Oil production through the Khurbet East EPF commenced on 21st July 2008 with initial production from the KHE-4 vertical well.