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Today, the EPIE Institute is working on a project titled the Software Multi-Media Assessment Reporting Tool (SMART).
The EPIE report documents a generally high level of satisfaction with ILSs on the part of teachers and students.
The EPIE report notes that it is an all but universal practice to put the ILS in a lab.
It may also make it easier for teachers to integrate the computer activities into the rest of their instruction - which, according to EPIE, is a common goal even in the centralized lab situation.
A common complaint of ILS users, according to the EPIE report, is that many systems will not pick up exactly where the student left off in the last session.
Limited courseware coverage in the K-8 grade range or a relatively small installed base in the United States eliminated these systems from the study; EPIE hopes, however, to fully evaluate them in the future.
Vendors' responses were then checked and corroborated by EPIE analysts.
In choosing these schools, EPIE independently identified a range of schools that had been using the particular IIS for more than one full year, and were not a "showcase installation" for a particular vendor.
In this regard, EPIE has found through our other main project--the Integrated Instructional Information Resource (IIIR) database--that often schools are using a standardized test that doesn't correlate well with its own curriculum objectives.
EPIE Wanted to find out how many teachers actually made use of the IIS other than reviewing the reports sent to them from the lab manager.
Get The IIS Report from EPIE and any other evaluative data you can find, and read it all thoroughly.