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EPODEarth Science Picture of the Day
EPODExclusive Pass on Demand (Earth Remote Observation Satellite)
EPODElectrical Portable Outlet Device (Australia, multiple-outlet portable power board)
EPODElectronic Publishing on Demand
EPODElectronic Proof Of Delivery
EPODEmbedded Power Distribution
ePODElementary Philosophy of Disciplines
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Another blushing rainbow can be seen in an EPOD from November 2005, which captured a pink streak arcing above Quebec.
PUI") an Ontario, Canada based utility company owned by the city of Peterborough with whom EPOD has an option agreement to sell solar parks for over $32M;
EPOD noted that Enviromech designs, produces and markets powerPACK systems for the alternative fuel transportation and power generation markets.
This glacier is somewhat unique in that its path takes it across an arm of a large lake," NASA scientist and EPOD curator Jim Foster t(http://www.
The EMT's ability to turn wind into a guaranteed source of power removes the single largest obstacle to the mass adoption of commercial wind power," said Mark Roseborough, EPOD President.
The addition of solar panel capacity allows us to offer turn-key solar solutions when combined with EPOD's advanced Inverter and power management technology," said Mark Roseborough, EPOD President.
The wholly-owned subsidiary, to be named EPOD Renewable Utilities Inc.
EPOD services were first introduced to a select group of clients at the recent Society of Toxicology AVIVA workshop March 4th in San Diego where numerous industry experts spoke on the topic of "The Path to Cardiac Friendly Drugs," including Dr.
The EPOD Rectifier has consistently been measured to be 96% efficient whereas the average efficiency of existing industry standard rectifiers has been measured at approximately 70%.
Cyokonos, through its subsidiary EPOD International Inc.
Cyokonos Corporation (OTCBB:CYOK) announces it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of EPOD International, Inc.