EPSRCEngineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (UK)
EPSRCEuropean Plastic Surgery Research Council (Germany)
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Highlighting the new initiatives for cleaner fuels such as methanol and desalination, he stressed upon the need to leverage global experience and collaborative endeavour to accelerate the innovations in the very important domains of water and clean energy and lauded the efforts of EPSRC, NERC, DST and all participants of these programmes
The Network was unveiled at the Science Museum in London following a public lecture on Robot Ethics, organised by IET Robotics and Mechatronics Network in association with the Science Museum Lates and supported by the EPSRC UKRAS Network.
Speaking about the EPSRC fellowship Mark Claydon- Smith, Lead Manufacturing the Future Manager for the EPSRC said: "Manufacturing innovation has been repeatedly highlighted in the Government's strategy for growth.
EPSRC is a UK government agency that funds research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.
Martin Wright, managing director of Marine Current Turbines, said: "The experience that we have gained with SeaGen s deployment and commercial operation is a huge asset in taking forward the development of the next-generation technology, and we greatly welcome the support given to us and our partners by the Technology Strategy Board, the EPSRC and the UK Government.
The report says that the EPSRC "will develop a long term base funding mechanism for magnetic confinement fusion as part of the energy programme.
The Automation Partnership (TAP), a developer of automation for life science applications, said on Tuesday that it has agreed a new five-year collaboration with translational research group the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine at Loughborough University.
Funded by an EPSRC grant, this work reviews the primary in situ diagnostic techniques for analyzing polymer electrolyte fuel cell performance and describes a suite of techniques being used at Imperial College London to construct an experimental functional map of PEFC operation.
It is also developing eTrading Technology as a Multi-Agent research project at The University of Bath, part funded through the EPSRC, to enable it to continue to add stock lines and achieve sustained growth.
EPSRC is the UK government's leading funding agency for research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.
The EPSRC Geography Research Grants provide funding of up to 3,000 [pounds sterling] for individual post-docs working in a UK institution investigating topics related to the work of the EPSRC in its broadest sense.