EPTSExisting Prior To Service (an injury existing before the military member enlisted)
EPTSEmergency Patient Tracking System (Raytheon Company)
EPTSEuropean Platform of Transport Sciences (Germany)
EPTSEarly Psychosis Treatment Service (est. 1996; Canada)
EPTSElectronic Paper Technology Solutions
EPTSEarly Post-Traumatic Seizure (head injuries)
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The EPTS membership is open to any organization wishing to further the practice of event processing.
One of the ways that EPTS will make a very real difference is by producing and maintaining a standard glossary of terms.
This EPTS effort will have significant benefit for many aspects of lives of people across the globe.
CAC Japan is very proud and excited to be a member of EPTS.
For this reason, we consider EPTS to be a critical professional organization to facilitate development of such a language, as well as being a galvanizing force among standards organizations, vendors, contractors, governmental bodies and FFRDCs.
Systar is pleased to be a founding member of the EPTS initiative and to participate in a large effort to increase the interoperability of Event Processing technologies with other domains.
In addition, the EPTS is forming three additional work groups:
Organizations or individuals interested in joining the EPTS, can send an email to info@ep-ts.
The next EPTS meeting will be held on September 17-19, 2008 in Stamford, CT.
Coral8 is proud and excited to be a founding and steering committee member of the EPTS to help further industry knowledge and use of event processing software," said John Morrell, Director of Product Marketing, Coral8, Inc.
Between now and 2012, enterprises will increase their use of Complex-event Processing (CEP) by 25% per year, and their use of commercial CEP products by more than 50% per year; The EPTS will focus on improving the quality and reducing the time and cost of implementing applications that leverage event processing.
EPTS will be an important industry forum for academia, vendors and enterprises deploying these solutions to advance the state of event processing technologies and set the direction for open, standards based interoperability.