EPWEnemy Prisoner of War
EPWElectron Plasma Wave
EPWEarth Penetrating Warhead
EPWEmployment Projects of Winnipeg (Canada)
EPWEmpowered Procurement Wing (India)
EPWEpic Pet Wars (online game)
EPWEngine Protection Washer
EPWEdge Pro Wrestling
EPWEmergency Product Withdrawal
EPWExtreme Power Wrestling
EPWExtreme Polystyrene Wrestling
EPWElectronic Payment Window
EPWEarth Penetrating Weapon
EPWExternally Provided Worker (UK tax law)
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6 million people aged 15 yr and older used a wheelchair [13], of which an estimated 15 percent, or 540,000, use an EPW [14].
It's safe to say that representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency should plan to spend a lot of time in front of the EPW Committee to answer questions in a whole host of areas.
341 EPW includes 63 homes ranging from studio, one- and two-bedrooms; select apartments include a private terrace.
EPW (Economic & Political Weekly) Research Foundation (2007), Annual Survey of Industries 1973-74 to 2003-4 (vol.
For the Toronto EPW file, these were fairly indisputable as per the SDD selection heuristics described above.
Alternatively, if each BCT had a military police company and I, as the division provost marshal, had the fourth company with which to conduct EPW operations, we would have been able to accomplish multiple military police battlefield missions--and we would have been more positively perceived as a true combat multiplier.
Compared to EPW, re-applying the RS (EPW+RS), but not inactivated EFE (EPW+AE) to S and AS after washing increased DMD (p<0.
We will continue to work to move the transportation bill through the EPW Committee and the full Senate.
LAHORE, February 18, 2010 (Frontier Star): Punjab Police moved ahead when they overran EPW 2-0 in the pre-quarter-finals of 4th All Pakistan Rana Sajjad Memorial Football Tournament at College Ground, Faisalabad Road, Jaranwala.
On November 5, Chairwoman Boxer took steps to move the bill through the EPW Committee despite the lack of Republican support.
The long pieces he wrote in the Economic and Political Weekly ( EPW ) against the mindless violence perpetrated by both the State and Maoists, were not only a rigorous critique with empirical evidence, they were also read by students and academics across the best universities in the world.
Members of the EPW and Agriculture Committees examined the effect of climate mitigation policy on the agricultural sector, a subject that was much discussed during the House debate.