EPWMDEnvironmental Protection and Waste Management Department (Quezon City, Philippiness)
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We will immediately coordinate with the EPWMD so that sanctions will be imposed against non-compliant junk shop owners,'' Avenido said.
In addition, any person who shall interfere any officer of the EPWMD, BPLO, or CHD in the performance of their duty in the implementation of the ordinance shall face a complaint for misdemeanour and punishable upon conviction by imprisonment for a period of not exceeding six months, or a fine of not less than P5,000 or both, upon discretion of the court.
Aside from these technologies, the QC government, through the EPWMD, is also eyeing the expansion of the Payatas biogas emission reduction facility, which serves as the citys contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Newly opened markets can only operate once they install sewage treatment plants approved by the EPWMD, the MDAD and the CBO.
It states, "All newly constructed markets shall operate only upon presentation of the enjoined installation of STP duly certified by EPWMD, CBO and MDAD.