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EPZExport Processing Zone
EPZEmergency Planning Zone
EPZExport Promotion Zone
EPZEvil Petting Zoo
EPZEcological Protection Zone
EPZErosion-Prone Zone
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FBR has been approached to increase the number of examiners and appraisers at the EPZ for early clearance of consignments, he said.
Formulate criteria for the events and technical aspects to be considered for defining EPR arrangements for SMR, focusing on EPZ sizing.
Whenever we had occasion to inaugurate a new company in the Cavite EPZ, the governor was invariably invited to be the guest of honor.
The Cuban government has publicly defended the EPZ project, stating that "the Zone will function on the basis of special policies with the goal of promoting sustainable economic development by stimulating international and domestic investment, as well as technological innovation and the concentration of industry.
Ultimately, the EPZ literature can be divided between four primary schools of thought: neo-classical theory, benefit-cost analysis, new growth theory, and the life-cycle approach, which includes Omar and Stoever's [2008] modified life-cycle approach.
Jose Manuel Torres, executive vice president of the Asociacion Dominicana de Zonas Francas (ADOZONA), a trade group that represents companies operating in the EPZs of the Dominican Republic, believes Mariel has a chance if coupled with free-trade agreements such as CAFTA-DR.
13) As explained later in this Note, EPZ fiscal incentives qualify as subsidies conditioned on export performance (14) because most EPZ statutes require companies to export most or all of their products as a condition of receiving the statutorily enumerated incentives.
Schlettwein said the current EPZ regime benefitted a sector that it was not designed for and the consequences are pretty obvious, adding that the legal framework was very general in nature as it does not clearly define which sector should benefit from the tax incentives resulting in everyone legitimately applying.
According to a top official FIEDMC would provide state of the art facilities like uninterrupted power, off-shore bank branches and customs office etc, besides tax incentives as envisaged in EPZ Act.
Huang said that the Kaohsiung EPZ will continue to develop LCD, LED, and IC industries, with 47 firms including Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc.
The new unit in Adamjee EPZ will start operations by the end of September this year and it will have capacity to produce 1.
Summary: Despec Africa EPZ recently announced its participation at the Saba-Saba Fair in Dar-Es-Salm, Tanzania.