EQ6Electric Quilt 6 (quilt-design software)
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In the initial trials of the proposed new system the LX200 was kept in the run-off shed and mounted on the EQ6 Pro head while still attached to the SkyWatcher tripod, astride the short concrete plinth.
I decided that a custom dovetail was needed for this heavy application; one where the dovetail slide bar was literally a perfect friction fit inside the EQ6 Pro dovetail channel and where the bar was thick enough to anchor the substantial steel hoops which would support the 18kg tube weight.
We now had an old LX200 tube complete with cradles and a very sturdy dovetail which would slide into an EQ6 Pro dovetail channel.
It was going to be a very tight fit but, from experiments, it transpired that mounting the EQ6 Pro head almost 10cm to the east of the existing plinth centre would be the optimum situation.
The EQ6 Pro head normally interfaces to the EQ6 Pro tripod via a mating assembly on the tripod top, locked down by a substantial 12mm diameter threaded bar.
The rectangular box features two holes, one for attaching the Epsilon EQ6 Pier Top interface to the top surface of the box and the other to enable the bolt joining it to the plinth extension top plate to be tightened with a box spanner.
The Sky-Watcher EQ6 is currently available from several suppliers in the United States and Canada, but for this review I borrowed one from Astronomy World, a telescope retailer based here in the United Kingdom.
With the legs retracted the tripod is 29 inches (74 centimeters) tall, which puts the EQ6 head at a good working height for a Newtonian telescope.
The EQ6 head weighs 36 lb (16 kg) and fits into a circular recess on the tripod.
I dismantled everything and started again, this time using a small spirit level and adjusting the individual legs until the top of the tripod was level before I placed the EQ6 head on it.
The EQ6 has a polar-alignment scope inside its hollow polar shaft.
Normally this is an elegantly simple procedure, but not so with the EQ6.