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EQAExternal Quality Assessment
EQAEuropean Quality Award (European Foundation for Quality Management)
EQAEquivalent Average (baseball statistic)
EQAEuropean Quilt Association (est. 1989)
EQAEnvironmental Quality Act (Malaysia)
EQAEuropean Quality Assurance, Ltd. (various locations)
EQAEnvironmental Quality Assessment
EQAEnvironmental Quality Assurance (various organizations)
EQAEmirates Quality Association (United Arab Emirates)
EQAEditorial Quality Audit
EQAEmulated Quick-Allocation
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Unveiled at IAA, the Concept EQA is the first all-electric EQ concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz within the compact segment.
Bias, as specified, was the average bias obtained in the HbA1c trueness verification EQA program.
We would also like to thank the manager and staff of the De Aar laboratory, Janet Scholtz, the regional quality officer, for providing relevant EQA data.
3,4] The organizing laboratory, that conducts such an EQAS periodically, assesses the registered participating laboratory.
18) In the absence of a formal PT or EQA program, laboratories can assess their performance through alternative assessment activities, such as exchanging samples with another laboratory performing similar tests, or by internal assessment.
There is never a "right" or ''wrong'' answer, only "preferred" ones, as noted in tightly held "Interpretive Literature" for assessments such as Pennsylvania's EQA.
com)-- Lavendon Access Services has become the first powered access company in the UK to achieve the ISO 14001 international standard for environment management, following an assessment by EQA (European Quality Assurance).
Those teachers unions and urban superintendents prevailed on the Patrick administration to file legislation that ultimately pulled the plug on EQA, claiming the accountability office should focus more on providing districts with technical assistance than assessing student performance and the quality and efficiency of school district management.
Beginning in 2002, EQA conducted comprehensive audits of more than 175 school districts.
ABBREVIATIONS: ELISA = Enzyme Linked Immuno-sorbent Assay; EQA = external quality assurance; LIA = Latex Immuno-Assay; LLS = Lower limit of sensitivity; QAP = Quality Assurance Program; VWD = von Willebrand disease; VWF = von Willebrand Factor; VWF:Act = von Willebrand Factor Activity' (assay); VWF:Ag = von Willebrand Factor Antigen (assay); VWF:CB = von Willebrand Factor collagen binding (assay); VWF:RCo = von Willebrand Factor Ristocetin Cofactor (assay).