EQAPExternal Quality Assessment Programme
EQAPElk Quality Assurance Program (Potwin, KS)
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Since machines were calibrated and EQAP results applied to Sysmex-KX-21 and ABX-Micros60 (both under EQAP program separately) and stamped as satisfactory by results of EQAP, the difference that come as a result of patients samples run on them indicated inherent system capacity (difference).
In conclusion, this study shows that a significant improvement in methodological and analytical DNA-sequencing skills can be reached by the combination of EQAP and technical/proficiency training.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: EQAP, external quality assurance program; EU, European Union; EQAP2, Round 2 of EQAP study; EQAP1, pretraining EQAP study.
Although it is generally accepted that equally high quality standards must be maintained at all times for all medical data, including genetic data, experiences with different EQAPs show that genetic testing services appear to suffer from a disturbing number of technical and administrative errors and poor reporting (1-3).
To respond to this growing field and the EU recommendations, EQAPs should address 3 main issues: (a) the validity of genetic test results in diagnostics, (b) the quality of methodology used to obtain genetic test results, and (c) training and dissemination of proficiency in analytical procedures.
The results of both EQAPs were evaluated and compared with the previously described scoring system, termed SEQMA-score (7).
Furthermore, general questions were asked about participation and experience on EQAPs and the training course organization.
Independent variables (and types) were percentage of eggs produced in participating farms (continuous), type of EQAP (binary: state- or industry-sponsored: yes/no), number of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) S.
The questionnaire collected data on whether egg producers in the state had adopted an EQAP, and if so, the type of EQAP to which most producers in the state adhered (e.
To calculate the proportion of eggs produced under an EQAP for each state, we assumed no difference in egg production per layer between layers raised under an EQAP and those raised under no EQAP.
Before adopting any EQAP (state- or industry-sponsored), S.
A 1% increase in the quantity of eggs produced under an EQAP (state- or industry-sponsored) was associated with a 0.