EQBEnvironmental Quality Board
EQBEcce Quam Bonum (Latin: Behold How Good; Sewanee: The University of the South motto)
EQBEqualizer Booster (vintage Car Audio Device)
EQBEuropean Quality Beef (food standards)
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a discretionary account administered by the EQB and disbursed by its
This toolbox is one of many state resources that local governments can draw from as they address concerns that arise on the topic of silica sand mining," said Will Seuffert, executive director of the EQB.
Other approvals, including that by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission, still are needed before the EQB action is final.
At the same meeting, the EQB voted unanimously to establish an advisory committee to guide the GEIS study.
132) EQB granted the stays delaying the expiration of the selenium
10] concentrations at both sites did not exceed the maximum daily permissible limit established by the EQB (50 [micro]g/[m.
The EQB approved the environmental impact statement despite the objections of various federal and state agencies and the observations made during public hearings about deficiencies and incorrect information in the document," said Luis Jorge Rivera of the Initiative for Sustainable Development.
6 million to the EQB, which had originally sought a fine of US$96.