ER-2Earth Resources-2 Satellite
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Sokolik has traveled extensively on ER-2 deployments, including missions in Australia, New Zealand (twice), South Africa, Brazil, Sweden, Fiji, Alaska, Hawaii (three times) and many stateside locations in support of environmental research.
ER-2 missions begin with briefings the day before and the day of a mission.
x] and higher-than-expected levels of CIO -- the same relationship discovered by the ER-2.
Instruments onboard the ER-2 recorded unprecedented detail of the hurricane vertical structure and precipitation levels,'' said Jeff Halverson, deputy project manager from the NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt, Md.
A NASA ER-2 aircraft takes off from a Costa Rica airport in July as part of the 28-day Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes mission, conducted jointly with the NOAA and Costa Rica.
ER-2 flights as far south as the Caribbean detected CIO in the range of 0.
The stratosphere also holds far less hydrochloric acid -- a safe form of chlorine -- than expected, ER-2 observations indicate.
The ER-2 operates at altitudes between 20,000 feet and 70,000 feet.
NASA has two ER-2 aircraft that are used as flying laboratories.
That's because both Daedalus and high-flying jet planes such as the ER-2 confront the same basic problem: not enough air.
In flights over midlatitude regions during October and early December of 1988, the ER-2 measured normal chlorine monoxide levels of about 20 to 30 parts per billion at an altitude of 19 kilometers.
With its full array of remote measurement radars, the ER-2 in Brazil will follow the same path as the TRMM satellite, but at a much lower altitude,'' a spokesperson for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said.