ERAIEntreprise Rhône Alpes International (French)
ERAIElectronic Resellers Association International (est. 1995; Naples, FL)
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We define as a threshold for extreme events the ERAI maximum regional average VPD anomaly, for each calendar month, from the reference period corresponding to a one-in-30-year event.
Kristal Snider of ERAI provided me with a couple of counterfeiting examples.
The hypothesis is weakly supported at the 10 percent level in the ERAI model and rejected in the SRAI model.
In all three equations, the variables ERAI, ERA2, SHIP, CONN, and LGROTEXM are nonsignificant.
The results are scary: According to ERAI, approximately 60% of parts inspected are rejected as a result of the inspection process.
20, and ERAI certifications and also offers multiple special services: we can facilitate screening, testing, 883 military packaging, schedule ordering, engineering services, and excess inventory purchasing programs.
At the ERAI 2013 Executive Conference, Phil Zulueta, Donald Menzies, and Ethan Plotkin bring their experience to a concrete round-table discussion; including examples of cross-supply chain collaboration.
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erais & conditions: Voucher valid from Thursday 12 December- Tuesday 24 December.
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