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ERAMEn Route Automation Modernization (FAA)
ERAMExtended Range Active Missile
ERAMEthnicity, Racism and the Media Programme (University of Bradford)
ERAMEnterprise Risk Assessment Model (US DoD)
ERAMExtended Range Antiarmor Munition
ERAMExtended Range Antiarmor Mine
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According to the agency, "A new function in the latest ERAM software upgrade provided individual controllers with the ability to set up a customized window of frequently referenced data.
ERAM permits more flexible routing around traffic congestion, weather and other constrictions.
Butairtrafficcontrollers and pilots said ERAM is a vast improvement over past systems and that it is needed to fit growing planetrafficinto the airspace safely.
Ken Krieg, under secretary of defense (acquisition, technology and logistics), laid out a plan in April 2006 for "gaming" the ERAM concept through a set of initial test case systems: the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System; the General Fund Enterprise Business System; and the Integrated Data Environment/Global Transportation Network Convergence.
Raytheon is pleased to perform as a major subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for ERAM and we are confident that the FAA will be getting a world class team to provide a solution for modernization of the world's most complex en route ATM system," said Steve Teel, vice president of Business Development for Raytheon's Command and Control, Communications and Information Systems.
The opinion of the Federal Commission on Waste Management (ESK) on the long-term safety record for the ERAM from 31.
Lockheed Martin has supported the FAA for more than 50 years, and we are proud of the collaborative effort in delivering ERAM to all 20 Air Route Traffic Control Centers in the contiguous US," said Stephanie C.
Used at all 20 Air Route Traffic Control Centers in the United States, ERAM has been used to transform Americas en route air traffic control automation system by predicting the path of aircrafts and helping passengers get to their destinations sooner.
On completion of the first phase, the FAA intends to award the implementation contract to Lockheed Martin for the full ERAM programme.