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ERAPEndoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase (protein)
ERAPEconomic Research and Action Project (Students for a Democratic Society)
ERAPEnvironmental Risk Analysis Program (Cornell University)
ERAPEmergency Rental Assistance Program (Washington, DC)
ERAPEarth Resources Aircraft Program (US NASA)
ERAPEmergency Response Action Plan (various organizations)
ERAPEntreprise de Recherche et d'Activités Pétrolières
ERAPEconomic Recovery Assistance Program (Canada)
ERAPEnhanced Retail Access for the Poor
ERAPEmergency Response Assistance Program
ERAPEveryday Routines, Activities, and Places
ERAPEmployee Referral Award Program (Northrop Grumman)
ERAPExecutive Retiring Allowance Plan
ERAPEmergency Relief Assistance Program
ERAPError Recording & Analysis Procedure
ERAPEngineering Readiness Assessment Program
ERAPEmergency, Radiology, Anesthesiology and Pathology (healthcare)
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ERAP brings the IRS into full compliance with the congressional mandate to support flexi-place workers.
New users can easily install ERAP on their own, decreasing their dependency on IRS technical support--the first time the IRS has had a self-installable application.
Additionally, to avoid waste, fraud or abuse of the program, ERAP allows the IRS to monitor user accounts.
Jennifer Frost's "An Interracial Movement of the Poor": Community Organizing and the New Left focuses on ERAP in an attempt to broaden understanding of New Left activism.
This realization forced ERAP and the New Left in general to expand the "political" to include personal issues--an understanding that would galvanize second wave feminists.
ERAP also suffered from class tensions which made constituents wary of the largely middle-class activist population.
Nevertheless, ERAP was successful on a number of levels.
The ERAP was created to monitor emergencies, crimes, traffic situations, and other instances that would need police assistance or medical assistance.