ERATEffective-to-Real Address Translation
ERATEnterprise Rent-A-Truck (Enterprise Commercial Truck)
ERATEnvironmental Requirements Advanced Technology
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Life itself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.
Table 7 describes aspects of the delivery of the intervention, including the percentage of households that were assigned by the ERAT to receive each module, the percentage of households that completed each module, and the number of modules delivered per household.
The association between the number of modules required by the ERAT and some measures of asthma morbidity reported by the caretaker also supports the need for a comprehensive intervention.
The ERAT enabled us to combine the skin test results for each child with exposure data gathered from the child's caretaker and a trained observer to quickly identify the modules and module intensity required for each family.
Table 4 compares the ERAT exposure findings based on the caretaker's report with the observations of the home evaluator.