ERCCExcision-Repair Cross-Complementing
ERCCEngine(s) Running Crew Change
ERCCElectric Reliability Coordinating Council
ERCCExcision-Repair, Complementing Defective, in Chinese Hamster
ERCCEastern Regional Control Center (Sprint)
ERCCEngine Room Control Console
ERCCEternal Rollerz Car Club (Lowell, MA)
ERCCEmergency Response Communications Centre
ERCCEast Region Control Centre (Ireland)
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These will eventually become available for EU operations worldwide, following a request for assistance through the European Commission`s ERCC.
The ERCC is serviced by a rotation of thirty-three duty officers, seconded from countries participating in ECHO'S disaster response programs.
grateful Matheson Caroline Burrell, director of ERCC, said it had been an honour to work with the woman, who was sharing her story "in the sincere hope that it can contribute to making a difference to the experiences of other individuals affected by sexual violence".
Before coming out with its ' personal' ERCC solution, Knowlarity had introduced an enterprise solution that works for the hospitality sector, hospitals, malls and housing societies, among others.
Many attendees came in with certain expectations for the event, and it seemed that the ERCC had something for everyone.
Proposed methods for testing and selecting the ERCC external RNA controls, BMC Genomics 6 (1 %M doi: 10.
Below we extend these discussions of consumer perspectives by considering closely the consumption positions of the group of clients of nonprofit emergency relief centers who participated in the Ipswich-Moreton ERCC (Emergency Relief Centre Client) study.
The objective of the envisaged European Natural Hazard Scientific Partnership (ENHSP) is to exploit science and technology within the disaster risk management field, reinforcing the linkages between civil protection and scientific communities at European level, including the ERCC, the ERCC Analytical Team and the JRC.
Seven Pro12 teams will be in the ERCC next term, the top finisher in the league from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales with the other three places being determined by finishing positions.
0 If exogenous DNA or RNA was added, specify its name (eg, ERCC no.
A liaison officer from the ERCC has arrived in the country to help coordinate offers of assistance.