ERCOTElectric Reliability Council Of Texas, Inc.
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The ERCOT market has experienced a series of new peak demand records over the last few years as Texas' economy continues to grow at record pace," ERCOT President and CEO Bill Magness said in a statement.
We show below that there are strong reasons to doubt the common assertion that peaking generators in ERCOT are intrinsically unprofitable without capacity markets.
The extensive 2013 ERCOT Electricity Market Outlook report includes the results of comprehensive hourly simulations of market operations as well as volatility simulations for Peaker Net Margin (PNM).
The first order directs the city of Garland, TX, and its municipal-owned electric utility Garland Power & Light to interconnect the project with ERCOT and directs Texas transmission providers to provide transmission service into and out of ERCOT.
ERCOT also has a unique market design that encourages the development of generation projects.
Luminant now claims around 17,000 MW of production capacity in ERCOT, comprising around 6,450 MW fired by natural gas, 8,000 MW fired by coal, and 2,300 MW of nuclear capacity.
The market forecasts and economic analyses are based upon sophisticated, hourly simulations of the entire ERCOT wholesale power market using LCG's proprietary UPLAN Network Power Model (UPLAN) and PLATO database for ERCOT.
To alleviate such constraints and to create more stability in the retail market, ERCOT has implemented a detailed set of protocols.
DFW International Airport (herein referred to as Customer ) intends to participate in the ERS program in the contract terms beginning in October 2016 and is seeking a QSE (herein referred to as service coordinator ) to represent their curtailable loads to ERCOT
The ERCOT analysis comes as Texas regulators prepare to file formal comments to the EPA ahead of the Dec.