ERLCEleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee
ERLCExport Revolving Line of Credit
ERLCEuropean Research Libraries Cooperation (publication)
ERLCEthics and Religious Liberties Commission
ERLCEuropean Retail & Leisure Council
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In addition to liquid assets, collateral for an ERLC includes accounts receivable, inventory, bank letters of credit and personal guarantees.
Richard Land, president of the ERLC, visits Washington often from his primary office in Nashville and is wielding an ever-increasing influence in his efforts to make the will of Christ supreme in public affairs.
The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has endorsed this legislation " I pray for the day when there is not a single person anywhere on the face of the earth who must suffer under a dictator's heavy boot," Vice President of public policy for the ERLC, Barrett Duke, told Baptist Press.
Recently there appeared on the ERLC website a sermon that listed a Denver girl being denied her right to read her Bible in school along with the story of a Chinese house pastor who was dragged from his home and beaten to death.