ERLSEnvironmental Reporting Logistics System (EPCRA reporting for Defense Logistics Agency)
ERLSEastern Recreation and Leisure Services (Australia)
ERLSExternal Rotation Lag Sign
ERLSEvolution and Reuse of Language Specifications for DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages)
ERLSElimination of Radioactive Light Sources
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The measurement models were tested on the full dataset by using the ERLS approach in the EQS 6.
The ERLS procedure has the advantage of producing estimates that are less biased than the maximum likelihood estimates (MLE) when the data are non-normal.
Beginning with Schussel's iterative adaptation of the single-item ERLS model and extending through to present day, efforts to develop better MSPP heuristic techniques can be typified as efforts to render established single-item techniques appropriate for multiple-stage environments.
Any military service can track their environmentally-friendly purchases in the ERLS GPR: http://www.
ERLS makes adjustments for skewness and kurtosis found in the data; thus it is recommended over the maximum likelihood (ML) estimation when the data may not meet the assumption of normality (Browne 1984; Sharma, Durvasula and Dillon 1989).
The ERLS method assumes a multivariate elliptical distribution which is a more generalized form of the multivariate normal distribution assumed by the Maximum Likelihood (ML) method (Browne, 1984).