ERLSEnvironmental Reporting Logistics System (EPCRA reporting for Defense Logistics Agency)
ERLSEastern Recreation and Leisure Services (Australia)
ERLSExternal Rotation Lag Sign
ERLSEvolution and Reuse of Language Specifications for DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages)
ERLSElimination of Radioactive Light Sources
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The measurement models were tested on the full dataset by using the ERLS approach in the EQS 6.
The ERLS GPR can be used by military services and federal agencies to track environmentally friendly purchases and provide required input to pollution prevention reports such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act 6002.
The GPR provides visibility of green and non-green procurements from Defense Logistics Agency and the General Services Administration," said Phillip Messner, ERLS program manager.
After each quarterly batch process completes, the report is imported from ERLS to the GPR web application.
The ability to tailor the format of the report being produced allows the user to adapt ERLS data for any other uses beyond meeting reporting requirements.
The source data in FLIS supports numerous logistics information systems like ERLS.