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ERNSTEuropean Research Network for Sustainable Technologies (EU; Germany)
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He has in mind the banality of late-nineteenth-century childhood, and, more precisely, the banality of the world of domestic interiors and sentimental exchanges in which bourgeois parents of that epoch enclosed their children: the world Benjamin (1892-1940) inhabited in Berlin and Ernst in Bruhl.
We are proud of the facilities we designed for Ernst & Young, because we brought to this project more than 30 years' experience in the audiovisual industry designing, engineering and managing thousands of major systems and facilities," said Andrew J.
Thanks to the Chief of Naval Operations' drive for near-term readiness, we have the support to make this happen," Ernst said.
The plaintiffs alleged that Ernst knew of major discrepancies in ZZZZ Best's internal accounting and that the figures released by the company were inaccurate.
Ernst had neither the patience nor the talent for the old-masterish bravura of Dali or Tanguy, and he must have understood the danger of the theatrical, postcards-from-the-edge quality that appeared later in the work of lesser Surrealists like Leonora Carrington and Kurt Seligmann.
Ernst countered that Woods, as sole stockholder, chairman and chief executive officer, knew Western's exact financial condition and at no time relied on Ernst's audits in business dealings.
The court, in ruling for defendant Ernst, cited several deficiencies in Union's case: