EROIEnergy Return on Investment
EROIExpected Return on Investment
EROIExtended Region of Interest
EROIEnergy Recovery Operations Inc. (Joppa, MD)
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More favorable EROI and EE values were also found for TO system, followed by PR and MT states, main soybean producers in the country.
The average EROI for 60 operational wind turbines is 19.
An EROI of 1:1 would mean the useful energy in a newly produced quantity of fuel is exactly equal to the energy consumed in its production.
EROI is the net energy produced during the life of a system divided by the total energy input to build and run the system.
Understanding EROI can help advisors guide their clients when the family can't
The energy cost of energy wasn't a topic worthy of study throughout most of the era of fossil fuels because coal, oil and natural gas were so accessible and easy to deliver that their EROI ratios were very high.
Although thorium has been advocated as a potential 'magic bullet' due to wide availability and potentially higher EROI, according to the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Washington DC thorium still requires uranium to "kick-start" a nuclear chain reaction.
Notwithstanding EROI, the damage to our environment is a disgrace.
And finally, as our EROI declines in coming decades, we'll need far more sophisticated technologies and organizations to scavenge small pockets of oil from all over the world and to pull together lower-quality energy from a myriad of solar, wind, and geothermal generating plants.
These results further supported our hypotheses that the presence of high corruption and low transparency are likely to hinder the inflow of FDI even after controlling the positive and significant effects of EROI.
The daily average EROI for the time interval t - 5 to t + 5 for the five Jordan firms are shown in the second column in Table 1, with the corresponding t-statistics reported in column 3.