ERPPEmergency Response Preparedness Program (Washington, DC)
ERPPEcosystem Restoration Program Plan
ERPPEcoEnergy Renewable Power Program (Canada)
ERPPEastern Refugee Pathways Project (Australia)
ERPPEnergy-Related Petroleum Products (trade statistics)
ERPPExclusive Reseller Partnership Program (Turbolinux)
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Additionally, the information gathered on the ERPP site can enhance an organization's existing emergency plans by adding other resources if needed.
ERPP partners will be determined by August 31, 2006, and the partnership program will commence on October 1, 2006.
TFR selected the KDF tool after an extensive evaluation of physical vapor deposition (PVD) solutions, which concluded that the KDF 954NTX with an ERPP option provided the best combination of performance, yield and throughput to suit the company's needs for miniature high performance frequency control device manufacturing.