ERPTExchange Rate Pass-Through (currency)
ERPTEuropean Review of Political Technologies (Politech Institute; Brussels, Belgium; EU)
ERPTEnergias Renovables para Todos (Spanish: Renewable Energy for All)
ERPTEmergency Response Planning Team (Canada)
ERPTEmployee Retirement Plan Trust (Arlington, VA; US Army Nonappropriated Fund)
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However, the extent and the speed of ERPT depends on several factors such as the market structure, pricing policies, general inflationary environment, involvement of non-tradable services in the distribution of tradables, and relative share of imports in domestic consumption basket.
Furthermore, the ERPT to domestic prices is much stronger in higher inflationary environment.
Recent literature tends to emphasise the importance of ERPT in conducting effective monetary and exchange rate policies.
There are very few studies on ERPT for Pakistan (see Appendix Table 1).
Looking at Canadian export prices denominated in Canadian dollars, complete ERPT implies export prices remain unchanged; U.
Given the domestic currency price of exports does not change (from the foreign country's view, there is complete ERPT for their imports), the value of imports (IP x m) rises substantially, and the value of exports (EP x x) only rises slightly, and the balance of trade deteriorates in the short run.
Most of the theoretical and empirical studies that focus on industrialized countries define ERPT as the percentage of change in local currency import prices resulting from a percentage of change in the exchange rate, as mentioned in Goldberg and Knetter (1997).
Typically, ERPT to domestic prices are higher in emerging market economies than their developed counterparts: These economies are highly dependent on imported intermediate goods in the production process, either in the form of raw materials or capital goods.
In general, the data show low ERPT at the monthly frequency over the last decade.
Items defined as capital goods or consumer goods consistently have low ERPT.
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