ERQSExpeditionary Rescue Squadron
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Antonio Jimenez, 303rd ERQS special mission aviator instructor.
Regardless of location or theater, the responsibility and mission of the 303rd ERQS is naturally their motivation.
Such was the case when the 79th ERQS Desert Knights found some Marine heavy airlift helos wanting fuel but finding that their previous training attitude of "I would rather suck fumes than HAR," would on this day cost them not only mission failure, but a cold, tense night spent at an unplanned bivouac site surrounded by nonfriendlies.
Since arriving in August, the current rotation of 83rd ERQS combat rescue pilots and PJs have completed 149 combat sorties, saving nearly 20 lives.
On 2 March 2002, members of the 66th ERQS were called into action in support of Operation Anaconda, a large offensive targeting Taliban and al-Qaeda strongholds in the Shah-e-Kot Valley in eastern Afghanistan.