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ERRCEuropean Roma Rights Centre
ERRCEastern Regional Research Center
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Club (magazine)
ERRCEngine Regional Repair Center (Air Force)
ERRCEnvironmental Resources Research Centre (India)
ERRCExpendability, Recoverability, Reparability Code
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Cyclists (magazine)
ERRCEnhanced Raff Regression Channel
ERRCEmergency Response and Rescue Corps (Malta)
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The proposed method was then applied to calculate the ERRC of each term.
The legislation announced on January 11 could easily be misused to persecute already marginalised communities, and is based on racist stereotypes and inaccurate conclusions drawn from data collected by the Ministry last year, which the ERRC refuted.
6) See also reactions from the Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe (CommDH(2008)18), the ERRC and a multitude of other national and international civil society actors.
In the future, new in situ transesterification technologies being developed by ERRC may reduce costs further by allowing biodiesel to be produced from lower quality lipids such as distiller dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and meat and bone meal.
Nevertheless, an authoritative regional analysis also issued by the ERRC discerns no evidence that current legislative and administrative remedies have broken the entrenched resistance of racist civic authorities.
ERRC has also committed to making space available and working with the City's School Construction Authority to achieve the construction of a new public school on the properties.
ERRC France Research Team Leader Lanna Hollo says the situation of gypsies is "just as bad" in France as in Romania and other East European nations that have been roundly criticised for their unjust treatment of the same minority groups.
Wallace FM, Call JE, Porto AC, Cocoma GJ, Luchansky JB, ERRC Special Projects Team.
99) A study conducted by the ERRC in 1999 found that, in nine remedial schools in Ostrava, a large Moravian city, Romani children accounted for more than half of the enrollment in six of the schools.
He gave Liberty and the ERRC permission to appeal against his ruling.
Last year, the European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) filed a suit in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of 18 Roma children, "This is the beginning of a long journey," said Jim Goldston of the ERRC.
On 3 December 1996, the ERRC wrote a letter of concern to the Bulgarian chief prosecutor, calling for a detailed investigation into the murder of Ms Stoyanova.