ERREEnvironmental and Renewable Resource Economics (Pennsylvania State University)
ERREERR (Estrogen-Related Receptor)-Alpha Response Element (biochemistry)
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The analyst variables ERRE and DISP are significant only in the Huang and Stoll (1997) and the spread regressions.
The massacre at Dos Erres is one of the 699 cases documented by the Historical Clarification Commission, whose report cites around 200,000 casualties from Guatemala s 36-year civil war.
Located in the tropical rainforests of the Peten, Las Dos Erres is inhabited by impoverished Ladinos who moved there years ago from other parts of Guatemala in search of a better life, clearing land and building new homes in what was then remote, pioneer terrain.
Furthermore, Molina Mencos says the CC's recent ruling on Rios Montt's right to seek amnesty can be applied retroactively, which means not only that charges against the former dictator could be dropped but that members of the armed forces who have already been tried and convicted, such as the four soldiers convicted for their participation in the Dos Erres massacre (NotiCen, April 12, 2012, and Aug.
Muchos capos del CDG fueron detenidos o ejecutados, presumiblemente por traiciones de sus propios sicarios, entre ellos los seguidores del Coss, conocidos como Los Erres o Rojos, y los de los Cardenas Guillen, Los Metros.
A second trial on genocide charges awaits former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt (1982-1983), after Judge Carol Patricia Flores ruled on May 21 that he could be prosecuted for ordering the Dos Erres massacre, committed by the Guatemalan Army on Dec.
In December 1997 our Witness for Peace/SOA Watch delegation visited the FAMDEGUA office where we heard the story of Dos Erres and watched a moving video that documented the exhumation and burial of the remains of 162 residents of that village who were murdered in the massacre.
The farmers who founded Dos Erres met a horrific death in the same place where they had arrived in search of the promised land (NotiCen, March 30, 2000, and Feb.
This is what makes the Dos Erres case "unusual" among those few cases coming to court that stem from events during the violence.
En effet, le poeme d'Ahmed Nejm le plus connu dans le monde arabe etait chante en prelude a tous les concerts de Cheikh Imam : [beaucoup moins que]Quand le soleil se noie dans une mer de brume, Quand une vague de nuit deferle sur le monde, Quand la vue s'est eteinte dans les yeux et les coeurs, Quand ton chemin se perd comme dans un labyrinthe, Toi qui erres et qui cherches et qui comprends, Tu n'as plus d'autre guide que les yeux des mots.
En 1982, una patrulla de comandos especiales habia asaltado el pueblo de Dos Erres y habia masacrado a mas de 250 hombres, mujeres y ninos.
El linguista local de Fox Pictures le trabajo la lengua: la enseno a suavizar las erres y pronunciar palabras como salamander y salad sin sonar como mojada.