ERSIEmergency Responder Safety Institute (est. 1998)
ERSIEarly Reading Screening Instrument
ERSIEnvironmental Research Systems Institute (geographic software; est. 1969; Redlands, CA)
ERSIEquitable Recovery Solutions, Inc. (Sycamore, IL)
ERSIEnvironment Remote Sensing Institute
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ERSI has been using odor-masking chemicals and has added cover soil as means to combat the gypsum odor if it has been, in fact, causing the problem.
Samples of all 100 kindergartners' spellings on the ERSI Invented Spelling subtest were analyzed.
In order to implement the Academic Senate's project to reform its undergraduate programs, the ERSI is reducing the total number of credits from 133 to 120 while respecting all nine general education objectives of the redesign project.
Helen Russell, one of the authors of the ERSI report, said that families that had no access to a bank account can be easily financially exploited.
At around the same time the ERSI was direly warning 1,000 young people are leaving the country each week and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Tadpole-Cartesia brings to the ERSI user community tremendous enterprise field application experience along with their GO
And an ERSI survey has found that consumer confidence is growing with the mood of the recession-battered public improving.
ERSI, a private company based in Redlands, California, is the world leader of geographic information system technology.
Bernard tried to spread the blame and said the Government think-tank, the ERSI, predicted 3% growth between 2010 and 2020.
Figures from KBC Bank and the ERSI Consumer Sentiment Index show shoppers have started to spend again amid signs the credit crunch is nearing an end.
The ERSI has forecast the economy will begin its slow recovery next year and the unemployment rate will soar to 14% towards the end of 2010.
And the ERSI report urged a reconfiguration of health services, including a shift in care from acute hospitals to the community.