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ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act (of 1981)
ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ERTAEthiopian Radio and Television Agency
ERTAEuropean Recorder Teachers Association (UK)
ERTAEarth Riders Trails Association
ERTAEarth Riders Trail Association
ERTAEmergency Response Team Advance
ERTAEdmonton Retired Teachers Association (Canada)
ERTAEastern Rural Telephone Association
ERTAEnvironmental Restoration Technical Assistance
ERTAEmergency Relief Tracking Application
ERTAEast Ramapo Teachers Association (New York)
ERTAEastern Region Training Associates
ERTAEvansville Retired Teachers Association (Evansville, Indiana)
ERTAEnergy Resources and Technologies Analysis
ERTAEmergency Response Training Association
ERTAEmergency Response Training Associates
ERTAEducation Research and Training Authority (Florida)
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EOGRTS, extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study; ERTA, estrogen receptor transactivation; VO, vaginal opening.
122) The TRA of 1986 reduced the traditional IRA deduction benefit created earlier by ERTA in 1981.
Sony has undertaken several projects in Africa with Tigrai and ERTA in Ethiopia; Uganda Broadcast Corporation (UBC); Addis Ababa City Government and several others in Ghana.
Although the committee reports to ERTA directly address salvage value, they are vague on whether the useful-life standard has been legislated into oblivion.
Fiscal policymakers eventually concluded that ERTA provided too much of an incentive to invest in real estate development projects.
The ERTA of 1981 increased the unified transfer tax credit, the credit available against both the gift and estate taxes.
Selon Silvie Bernier, specialiste du livre illustre au Quebec, l'Ecole des arts graphiques et le travail d'Albert Dumouchel autour des Atelien d'arts graphiques sont directement responsables de l'eclosion des editions ERTA, mais aussi des editions Goglin qui regroupent une seconde generation de graveurs que l'on retrouve, entres autres, dans la publication Sept Eaux-fortes en 1957 (73).
After Congress approved ERTA in August 1981, budget deficits skyrocketed because of rising defense expenditures and lower revenues brought about by the 1981-1982 recession.
After ERTA, the effective tax burdens on different assets varied quite substantially.
5) The tax incentives adopted by Congress in ERTA were intended to stimulate investment both in plant and equipment and in research and development, thereby increasing the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of U.
It is widely believed that ERTA was a major contributor to the large deficits of the 1980s.
At the time, the CBO estimated that ERTA had reduced fiscal year 1986 revenues by $205 billion--27 percent of that year's baseline revenues in February 1983, 4.