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ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act (of 1981)
ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ERTAEthiopian Radio and Television Agency
ERTAEuropean Recorder Teachers Association (UK)
ERTAEarth Riders Trails Association
ERTAEarth Riders Trail Association
ERTAEmergency Response Team Advance
ERTAEdmonton Retired Teachers Association (Canada)
ERTAEastern Rural Telephone Association
ERTAEnvironmental Restoration Technical Assistance
ERTAEmergency Relief Tracking Application
ERTAEast Ramapo Teachers Association (New York)
ERTAEastern Region Training Associates
ERTAEvansville Retired Teachers Association (Evansville, Indiana)
ERTAEnergy Resources and Technologies Analysis
ERTAEmergency Response Training Association
ERTAEmergency Response Training Associates
ERTAEducation Research and Training Authority (Florida)
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As noted, the tax years at issue were prior to the amendment of the depreciation rules by ERTA and the TRA.
based research and development expenditures by companies, ERTA provided that the credit would terminate after 1985.
Although his goal is to "apply the lesson" of ERTA while designing the tax system of the future, Lindsey manages to thoughtfully critique many of the most unfair aspects of the existing tax code.
The ERTA of 1981 increased the unified transfer tax credit, the credit available against both the gift and estate taxes.
If ERTA caused an increase in unintended multifamily inventory, then rents and vacancy rates should have time to fall to a normal level before multifamily financing is resuscitated.
annual exclusion under ERTA would amount to only $2,171 in 1942
Most of the investment incentives in ERTA were reversed in 1982, 1984, or 1986.
2040(b)(2); however, ERTA '81 403(c) does not change the non-applicability of I.
In 1981-83, ERTA dominated the pattern of both the liability and the payment series.
This threshold, established in 1988, did not increase with the ERTA of 1997.
Court of Federal Claims DC District Court ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Ad of 1974 ERTA Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 Fed.